Citeaux Ercuis Acier Argente Collection

“Citeaux Ercuis” is a design collection created by Ercuis, a renowned French silverware and tableware manufacturer. Ercuis is known for its high-quality and luxurious silver-plated and sterling silver tableware and home decor items. The “Citeaux Ercuis” collection is one of their product lines and may include various pieces such as flatware (cutlery), serving utensils, dinnerware, and other tabletop items. Citeaux Ercuis is a reference to the Cistercian Abbey of Cîteaux, which is a famous French monastery that has a long history dating back to the 12th century. The abbey is known for its role in the Cistercian religious order and its contributions to French culture and history. Ercuis, on the other hand, is a renowned French silverware and tableware manufacturer. Ercuis is known for producing high-quality silverware, including flatware, serving utensils, and decorative items. The company has a strong reputation for its craftsmanship and has been creating fine silverware since the 19th century. It’s possible that “Citeaux Ercuis” could refer to a specific line or collection of silverware or tableware inspired by the Cistercian Abbey of Cîteaux or designed with a historical or religious theme in mind.

citeaux ercuis

Silver-plated stainless steel

After-Dinner Tea SpoonAfter-Dinner Tea SpoonCiteaux24,00On Backorder
Dessert ForkDessert ForkCiteaux32,00On Backorder
Dessert KnifeDessert KnifeCiteaux43,00On Backorder
Dessert Knife S.H.Dessert Knife S.H.Citeaux27,00On Backorder
Dessert SpoonDessert SpoonCiteaux32,00On Backorder
Dinner ForkDinner ForkCiteaux35,00On Backorder
Dinner KnifeDinner KnifeCiteaux35,00On Backorder
Dinner Knife S.H.Dinner Knife S.H.Citeaux28,00On Backorder
Dinner SpoonDinner SpoonCiteaux35,00On Backorder
Fish ForkFish ForkCiteaux35,00On Backorder
Fish KnifeFish KnifeCiteaux35,00On Backorder
Gravy LadleGravy LadleCiteaux71,00On Backorder
Individual Butter KnifeIndividual Butter KnifeCiteaux49,00On Backorder
Moka SpoonMoka SpoonCiteaux22,00On Backorder
Oyster ForkOyster ForkCiteaux32,00On Backorder
Pastry ForkPastry ForkCiteaux32,00On Backorder
Serving ForkServing ForkCiteaux86,00On Backorder
Serving SpoonServing SpoonCiteaux86,00On Backorder
Soup LadleSoup LadleCiteaux98,00On Backorder