Raynaud Pepites

In order to always better support the creativity of Chefs, Mariela Schwarz Montiel has created this collection of porcelain boxes ideal for presenting and revealing the most delicate dishes. Cut like precious stones, with facets sublimated by the matte finish of the porcelain or by iridescent colours, these precious cases enchant the presentation of small tasting portions and become the ideal receptacle for presenting a box of caviar nestled in its bed of ice. They invite you to discover appetizers and sweets, but also the accompaniments of a dish, condiments, butter, olive oil or chocolates in a poetic and mysterious setting.

Pépites Irisées Perles

Pépites Irisées Nacre

Pépites Irisées Cuivre

Pépites Irisées Etain

Pépites Irisées Coquillage

Pépites Irisées Or

Pépites Irisées Turquoise

Pépites Irisées Ciel

Pépites Irisées Grège

Pépites Irisées Céladon

Pépites Irisées Noir

Pépites Prestige Or

Pépites Prestige Platine